Each WHEN GREEN ENERGY algae system includes two electric motors powering a module containing a central axle driving multiple pistons attached to 100-meter long tubes. The reciprocal motion of the pistons creates waves which enhance the algae production.

System 1: GB3000

The GB3000 is a unique bioreactor system intended to grow algae for oil and protein
at a cost of $60,000 per dunam, i.e., $240,000 per acre.

System 2: GB FF 3000

  • The GB FF 3000 is a comprehensive closed system for growing and harvesting algae.
    The system is designed to be hooked to a fish farm and supply fish feed while recycling
    the effluent from the fish farm.
  • The setup cost of a 10 dunam/2.5 acre farm is $600,000.
  • The GB FF 3000 system is modular. The growing part of each module has two electric
    motors around a central pivot which powers the reciprocal motion of multiple pistons,
    creating waves in sixteen 100-meter long tubes.
  • The processing part includes a complete processing line for separation of Biomass,
    commercial dry product for food industry, and extraction of oil to sell for Bio-diesel.